ISO 14001

Environmental Policy Statement

FWP Limited recognises that there is a potential impact on the environment through the provision of their services and is committed to reducing this impact as far as possible.

FWP is committed to:
• Ensuring compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum standard;
• Communicating environmental issues and standards to all employees, contractors and suppliers;
• Ensuring continuous improvement in environmental performance.

In seeking to address these issues, FWP will:
• Reduce waste within its offices promoting the recycling of paper, plastic bottles and toner cartridges and it’s reuse of equipment and furniture where possible;
• Reduce energy consumption through the purchase and use of energy efficient appliances and light fittings where possible;
• Set all computers and photocopiers to automatically revert to standby settings after a period of inactivity and ensure that all staff switch off computers at the end of the day and when not in use;

Promote the reduction of paper use through printing only those documents that are absolutely necessary and using double sided printing where possible;
• Purchasing environmentally conscious products where possible;
• Encouraging staff to use public transport, cycle (staff encouraged to participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme) or walk to work.

In addition to this, FWP will also seek to incorporate environmental issues within the design process of the projects that it undertakes, ensuring wherever possible that:
• The requirements of the Building Regulations are met as a minimum standard and exceeded where possible;
• Promote the use of sustainable construction materials, maximising re-use and recycling of materials;
• Promote the minimisation of solvents and lead based paints;
• Incorporate sustainable design principles into projects reducing waste and energy consumption through the life of a building during construction, operation and eventual decommissioning.
• This policy will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to take account of any changes in legislation with the findings and intentions circulated through the Quarterly